Indy LGBTQ Social Venues

Bars and Restaurants

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Downtown Olly's
Gay-friendly longtime pub with a neighborhood vibe, always-open bar & grill with sidewalk seating, karaoke nights, some drag shows
     822 N. Illinois
     Indianapolis, Indiana 46204
     Tel. 317-636-5597

English Ivy's
Gay-friendly neighborhood pub serving American fare, weekend brunch & late-night bites
     944 N. Alabama St.
     Indianapolis, IN 46202

Greg's Our Place
Stalwart gay bar & club with regular entertainment including darts, bingo, country dancing & DJs. Also on Facebook.
     ​231 East 16th Street
     Indianapolis, IN 46202
     Tel. 317-638-8138

Metro Nightclub
Laid-back, bi-level gay bar with a pub vibe offers homestyle fare, daily drink deals & live events. Also on Facebook.
     707 Massachusetts Ave
     Indianapolis, IN 46204
     ​Tel. 317-639-6022

Eclectic bar and restaurant with occasional drag and other gay events. Also on Facebook.
     717 Massachusetts Ave.
     Indianapolis, IN 46204
     Tel. 317-384-1313

Zonie's Closet
Gay bar/lounge with a diverse clientele, swanky lighting and a lineup of drag shows & karaoke.
     1446 E. Washington St.
     Indianapolis, IN 46201
     Tel. 317-266-0535

Performance Venues

Steampunk Darkwave Industrial Indianapolis
Steampunk, Darkwave, Industrial, Goth DJ/concert events. ‘HaVeN’ is on the 3rd Sunday of each month at Melody Inn. A friendly, welcoming environment to freaks, geeks, gamers, misfits, cosplayers, steampunks, goths, rivetheads, the LGBTQ community... people who want to do something different or dress creatively, and simply people who enjoy diverse people/music.
     ​***Check Facebook Page for scheduled events.
     ​3826 N Illinois St
     Indianapolis, IN 46208

Other Establishments

Club Indianapolis
A private men's sauna. Also on Facebook.
     ​620 N Capitol Ave
     Indianapolis, IN 46204
     Tel. (317) 635-5796

The Works Indy
A private men's health and social club. Also on Facebook
     4120 N Keystone Avenue
     Indianapolis, IN 46205
     Tel. 317-547-9210