LGBTQ+ News Update

Featured in Indy: GenderNexus

Trans Runner Hits Stride after
Years of Torment about Identity

Guy Stuff: Evolution of Gaybros Subreddit

Naval Academy to Ban Transgender Students
Starting in Fall 2020

Why Christian Right
Threatened by Pete Buttigieg

Documenting LGBTQ Game History

Ryan O'Connell Is Revolutionizing
Queer, Disabled Representation on TV

Progressive Christians, Jews and Muslims
Must Stand Together for LGBTQ Rights

Mayor Pete and the
Queering of the American Soul

Complicated Mother/Gay Son Relationship?
This Book's for You

Nevada Bans "Gay Panic" Criminal Defense
Based on Unwanted Same-Sex Advances

Oldest Person with HIV Turns 100

"Gay of Thrones" New Season on "Funny or Die"
Nicknames Tyrion "Mayor Pete," Snarks Trump

Featured in Indy: Fellowship Indy

Out Rep. Demands End to Medicaid Funding
for Conversion Therapy

"Black Hat": Young Hasidic Man
Leads Double Life

Straight Actor on "Fooling around with Dudes"

How to Come Out to Your Immigrant Parents

Mayor Pete and Chasten
Planning to Have a Baby!

Janelle MonĂ¡e: Living and Loving Out Loud

Half of Iowa High Schoolers Walk Out over
Transgender Bathroom Rights. Half Support.

Transgender Student Loses Scholarship
over Trans Military Ban

Religious Adoption Agencies Sue Michigan
to Avoid Same-sex Parents

Trans Athletes and the "Fairness Doctrine"

Chinese Twitter-like Weibo Restores "I Am Les"
Reverses Year-old Ban on LGBTQ Content

Dame Edna Stripped of Comedy Award
Calls Trans Women "Mutilated Men"

Is Racial Sexual Preference Racist?

Old Pope Fighting New over Abuse Reform
Calls Seminaries "Homosexual Cliques"

Video: DC Rally Against
Transgender Military Ban

LGBTQ Elders Made Our Lives Possible
Now We Must Care for Them

Early Advocate for LGBTQ Rights
Lawyer/Psychiatrist Fought Old Laws/Labels

Pete Buttigieg Announces Run for President
Video of Speech

Jimmy Fallon's Version—with Love!

Pete Kisses Husband at Campaign Kickoff
LGBTQ Tears of Joy around US

"Transparent" Series Finale Kills off Maura
Jeffrey Tambor's Transgender Character

John Waters Is the Original Punk

14 Queer Musicians Taking Over
Coachella 2019

California National Guard
Defies Trump Transgender Troop Ban

Patriots Recruit Male Cheerleaders
Overcame Homophobic Bullying Growing Up

Gay Pro Wrestling Champ Jake Atlas
New Breed of Out LGBTQ Wrestlers

As "Billions" Taylor Mason, Asia Kate Dillon
First Non-binary Actor in Major TV Series

7 Songs From Queer Artists
You Should Be Listening To Right Now

New Anime Releases Explore
Varieties of Same-Sex Relationships

Gus Kenworthy: "My Time In The Closet
A Blur Of Depression And Anxiety"

Arizona Repeals Homophobic
AIDS Education Law

Sultan of Brunei Defends Gay Stoning
"More for Prevention than to Punish"

A Radical New History of Queer Modernism

New, Incomplete Indiana Hate Crimes Law
"A state that always has to learn the hard way"

Supreme Court Revisits
Wedding Cakes and Same-Sex Marriages

Q&A with Jenni White, New Director of
Indiana's First Home for LGBTQ Youth

Netflix Film "The Prom" Set in IN
Directed by Hoosier Native

Baltimore Public Schools
Protect Trans Students

Rally for Trans/Non-Binary Citizens
Ignored by IN Hate Crimes Law

Historically Black Male College
Accepts Transgender Students

The Joy of Sex after Confirmation Surgery

14 Ways To Defeat Your Fears of Being Gay