Indy LGBTQ Health Services

See also OutCare Health and Disparities in health care for LGBTQ population. For evidence-based reporting on reproductive and sexual health, rights and justice: Rewire News.

Bellflower Clinic
Bell Flower Clinic provides inexpensive, confidential counseling, testings, and treatment for all sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Also on Facebook.

     640 Eskenazi Avenue
     Indianapolis, Indiana 46202
     Tel: 317-221-8300

Damien Center
Founded in 1987, The Damien Center is Indiana's oldest and largest AIDS service organization (ASO) and serves more than 4,000 individuals affected and infected by HIV/AIDS through a comprehensive, innovative approach to HIV care and prevention. Also on Facebook.

     26 North Arsenal Avenue
     Indianapolis, Indiana 46201
     Tel: 317-632-0123
     Fax: 317-632-4362

Eskenazi Health - Transgender Health & Wellness Program
The Eskenazi Health Transgender Health & Wellness Program, located on the fifth floor of the Sandra Eskenazi Outpatient Care Center, provides primary care and specialty services for older adolescent and adult transgender patients of all gender identities. The first of its kind in Indiana, the program connects primary care and continuous support with surgical options provided through University Gender Affirmation Surgery. Also on Facebook.

     720 Eskenazi Avenue
     Indianapolis, Indiana 46202
     Tel: 317-880-6042

Planned Parenthood - LGBTQ Services
Southside Health Center offers education and referral services specifically for clients who identify as LGBTQ. At this health center, these LGBTQ services are available during all business hours and on a walk-in basis. Also on Facebook.

     935 E Hanna Ave
     Indianapolis, Indiana 46227
     Tel: 800-230-7526