Indy LGBTQ Groups

ACLU Indiana - LGBTQ Rights Project
The LGBTQ Rights Project captures the ACLU of Indiana’s previous, current and future work as the only statewide organization working to defend and advance the rights of LGBTQ Hoosiers on all fronts. See HRC 2018 State Equality Index and Indiana's Equality Profile. See also LGBTQ Rights in Indiana - Wikipedia and State Preemption movement. Also on Facebook.

Be Out Loud Theatre indianapolis
LGBTQ theater. BOLT will target three productions per season. From Artistic Director Michael Swinford: "Starting an LGBTQ theater company in a small Midwest city sounds kind of silly. But I think the climate is right—Indy's grown up."

Central Indiana Community Foundation
CICF's May 18, 2018, "For Good" podcast on the LGBTQ community in central Indiana. Also on Facebook.

Families First
How you can enhance your allyship for the Indiana LGBTQ community. Also on Facebook.

Fellowship Indy
Great people, tasty food, fine times. Meet friends in the central Indiana gay community. Also on Facebook.

Hoosier Pride Network
The Hoosier Pride network is a collaboration between Indiana LGBTQI pride organizations. The Network promotes sharing of ideas between partner organizations in order to help all of our organizations learn and grow. Regular use of the Hoosier Pride Network Facebook group can facilitate that communication. Members of this Facebook group should be representatives of Indiana-based LGBTQI pride organizations.

Human Rights Campaign - Indiana
Human Rights Campaign fights for LGBTQ equality in Indiana alongside state and local groups and lawmakers. Find out more about what HRC is doing for LGBTQ equality in Indiana and how you can get involved with the local community. Also on Facebook.

Indiana Drag Performers
This is a place for those 18-99 years of age who are gay, bisexual, pansexual, asexual, as well as all gender orientations, allies to share photos, videos, and information about Gay/LGBTQ pride events and news, plus drag Performer/King/Queen shows in the state of Indiana and surrounding areas.

Indiana Equality
With the motto "Stronger Together," the Indiana Equality public Facebook group is a robust forum those who want to ensure and expand civil rights in Indiana.

Indiana Stonewall Democrats
The Indiana Stonewall Democrats are the LGBTQ Constituency Caucus of The Indiana Democratic Party. We are committed to pushing for civil equality for the LGBTQ community. We accomplish this by endorsing, supporting, and voting for Democratic candidates that share our values. Also on Facebook.

Indiana Trans Hivemind
This is a networking, organizational and planning group for the Indiana trans community. Membership is limited to trans folk only.

Indiana Transgender And Friends
Join this group to see the discussion, post and comment.

Indiana Transgender Locals Only
Group for transgender people of Indiana to have local friends and support.

Indiana Transgender Network
The Indiana Transgender Network aggregates resources available to transgender and gender diverse people living in Indiana. Our goal is to make it easier for people making a gender transition or trying to understand the subject of gender identity to find counselors, medical resources, legal information, support groups, advocacy organizations and other help on their journey. See also Indy PFLAG Transgender Resources. Also on Facebook.

INTRAA (Indiana Transgender Rights Advocacy Alliance)
INTRAA is a small group of committed people working to change the world for transgender and gender variant people in Indiana. INTRAA is a statewide organization fighting for YOUR RIGHT TO BE who you are.

Indiana Youth Group
Indiana Youth Group (IYG) creates safe spaces, provides wellness programming, and educates LGBTQ youth and the community. Also on Facebook.

Indianapolis Bisexual & Support Group
We're a group that celebrates bi, pan, queer, fluid, questioning, etc. folks - and allies of the bi+ community. We meet on 1st Saturdays in Indianapolis. Join us! MeetUp.

Indianapolis Men's Chorus
The Indianapolis Men’s Chorus entertains, educates, and promotes inclusive community through musical excellence. Also on Facebook.

Indianapolis PFLAG
PFLAG is a nonprofit organization that aims to provide Support, Education and Advocacy to families, friends, allies, and LGBTQ people. Also on Facebook.

Indy Pride
Indy Pride, Inc. produces events which educate, honor our history, and celebrate the diversity of the Indianapolis Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer community. We exist to unite and serve our members and the LGBTQ community of Central Indiana through leadership development, educational programs, and community events which achieve inclusivity, equality, strong community connections, and awareness of LGBTQ issues. Also on Facebook.

Indy Rainbow Chamber
The Indy Rainbow Chamber is an inclusive group for LGBTQ business owners, employees and allies. Their website hosts a directory of LGBTQ and LGBTQ-friendly businesses and service providers. Also on Facebook.

The Autostraddle group in Indianapolis. Everyone's welcome as long as everyone respects the fact that this space is centered around queer women and trans people. Autostraddle is an intelligent, hilarious & provocative voice and a progressively feminist online community for multiple generations of kickass lesbian, bisexual & otherwise inclined ladies (and their friends).

The LGBTQ Center supports a commitment to leadership development, academic inquiry, and local, national, and global engagement with particular respect to sexual, romantic, and gender identities. The LGBTQ Center is an inclusive campus community that welcomes people of all identities and provides support, resources, and advocacy to IUPUI students, staff, faculty, alumni, and the surrounding community.

LGBTQ Indy Law
The Indiana LGBTQ community faces a number of challenges that other communities potentially don't have to deal with: there is prejudice, in and out of court, and there are still many legal conundrums and gray areas. [ does not support or endorse any service provider. This website is listed because of the comprehensive information it contains.]

The LGBTQ Center
The LGBTQ Center is Northern Indiana's only Center dedicated to the promotion of LGBTQ experiences and inclusivity. Our purpose is to see a community where every individual is valued, respected, and empowered. The LGBTQ Center offers diversity training, Lifeskills (a research-validated substance abuse prevention program), social groups, and more. We are also proud to offer a resource guide of affirming and accepting vendors, businesses, and social services. Also on Facebook.

LGBTQ Student Alliance at IUPUI
Our mission is to increase the recruitment, retention, and graduation of LGBTQ students and their supporters. We further intend to create a welcoming environment that allows students to network, further educate, and reach out to the community. We connect our members to campus and community resources, and encourage them to open dialogue with others about LGBTQ rights and culture.

LGBTQ + Culture Center at IUB
Our mission is to provide a welcoming environment for individuals seeking to grow in their understanding of LGBTQ issues. Our office works in conjunction with IU's student groups, offices, and many community, state, and national organizations.

Marion County Democratic Party
From RFRA to HJR-3, the assault on LGBTQ equality is ceaseless from the right. Indianapolis is committed to being an open and accepting community for all LGBTQ people. See Indiana's Equality Profile and LGBTQ Rights in Indiana - Wikipedia. See also State Preemption movement. [ does not endorse any political party. However, the MCDP is the only party that holds elective office in city and state government and actively supports gay rights in Indy.] Also on Facebook.

Miss Gay Indiana and Mr Gay Indiana
Our mission is be ambassadors of compassion and acceptance, promote positive GLBT role models, celebrate the historical art of female impersonation, while raising public awareness, involvement, and financial assistance for HIV/AIDS organizations benefiting communities at large without prejudice.

Miss and Mr Gay Indianapolis
Our facebook page is dedicated to all the former Miss Gay Indianapolis's and to the current reigning Miss Gay Indianapolis. We also feature former Mr. Gay Indianapolis's and the current reigning Mr. Gay Indianapolis.

Prime Timers Indianapolis
Prime Timers is an organization with chapters throughout the world. Prime Timers are older gay or bisexual men who enrich their circle of friends and social life by gathering for dinner, card parties, outings, and travel with each other or members of other Prime Timer groups.

Purdue LGBTQ Student Alliance
The Purdue LGBTQ+ Student Alliance is one of many umbrella organizations for the LGBTQ community of Purdue University. We hold many social events throughout the school year.

Purdue University LGBTQ Center
The Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer Center provides resources and referrals on matters pertaining to sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression to all members of the Purdue University community. The LGBTQ Center educates campus and community constituencies through programming, advocacy, leadership and visibility.

Queer Girl City Guide: Indianapolis
Not a lesbian group but an information resource. See also Reddit. [If you have information on lesbian groups or activities, please let us know at]

Queering Indy
Queering Indy is aimed at just that—creating additional spaces for queer and trans communities to connect. Queering Indy will evolve, as expressed needs and ideas arise, and could include queer open mics, LGBTQ gallery shows, book clubs. This group is actively seeking input on potential host spaces for the monthly happy hour, and ideas for other magical affairs.

Trinity Haven for LGBTQ Youth
Trinity Haven will be a safe, welcoming, and family-like environment for LGBTQ youth who do not have homes of their own. Our goal is to intervene before youth experience chronic homelessness, and to help them pursue their education and develop the skills to thrive in the world independently. Trinity Haven will provide long-term housing and is not a shelter or a drop-in service. We expect to open sometime in mid 2019. On Facebook. See also: LGBTQ youths are over-represented, have poorer outcomes in child welfare system.

Veteran Health Indiana
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Veteran Care. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VHA) is committed to providing quality care to all Veterans including lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) Veterans. Excellent care has no boundaries. Also on Facebook.