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PHOTOS: Minor White at the GettyWhite believed the camera was a tool for self-discovery, but his photographs illuminate the viewer as well. read more
Op-ed: Why Malaysia Flight 17 Could Hurt LGBT UkrainiansRatcheted-up support following the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 could result in less pressure on Kiev to protect and respect LGBT Ukrainians. read more
Op-ed: Why The Gay Panic Defense Must GoIn every state but one, someone who assaults or even murders an LGBT person can use a panic defense. It's time to put an end to that. read more
The Night Being an African Lesbian Mother Became a CrimeBy daring to speak and live her truth as a lesbian, Zimbabwean immigrant and mother of two Ruth Marimo knew she was endangering her life. read more
Armond White: The Long Day Closes Is The Greatest Gay Film Ever MadeFilmmaker Terence Davies' longing and sublime look back at his youth, now on Criterion. read more
PHOTOS: Charlie's Gay AngelIt may come as no suprise that a gay photographer was among those who helped shape the glamorous image of Charlie's Angels. Read all about it in his book. read more